Air Purifier Biogenis



Air Purifier BIOGENIS BG0711

Power: 80 W
CADR (Purified Air Flow) – 320 m³ / h
TVOC (Purification from Volatile Organic Compounds) – 93.5%
PM2.5 (particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers) – 99.9%
7 Air Purification Levels, 5 Filtration Steps
Aluminum Filter-Cold Catalysis-Formaldehyde Removal-Antibacterial Filter-HEPA Filter
UV Sterilizing Lamp – 365nm
Ionizing ionizer with negative ions, 20 ml. particles / cm³
A real-time color airtime indicator
Green for fresh air, Orange for plain air, Red for heavily polluted, 3 fan speeds
Auto-Smart mode, which controls all settings automatically
Sleep Mode without lights and only 29 dB noise
Ionizing function, 12-hour digital timer
Child lock on display & safe grille on exhaust air
24-hour clock, Color Touch Sensor Panel & Remote Control
Easy replacement of filters
Noise level: Low 30 dB, Average 38 dB, High 48 dB
Recommended for rooms up to 60 m2
Dimensions (width × depth × height): 370 × 195 × 650 mm

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